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Sometimes your day goes so bad, that all you need is time to clear your mind to find serenity again. Today is Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone 😀


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Something happened today that made me realize that I have changed.  I have become someone who I don’t know anymore and frankly not really like much either. So I have decided to refocus. My blog was originally intended to be a kind of journal (Memoir) of my Second Life and yes, fashion (Chic) too, but fashion was not supposed to be the focus.

Another intent of the blog was to showcase my photography and how I was supposed to grow.  I wanted to look back over a year and see how I started out and where I am now. I wanted to see the improvement, the failures and the many lessons I have learned. Instead it became a “take a quick photo so I can blog about it!” type of thing, and I lost the thought behind it.  And also the quality of photography. I will still blog about fashion, but I will no longer ‘hunt’ for the newest, best release to get hits on my blog. People reading this blog, will read it because they want too.

So here goes my first ‘photography’ blog. The picture below was taken yesterday at our house. Nic was unable to get into Second Life, because of Hurricane Sandy and power outages. I missed him and was so worried. So I created this while listening to Michael Buble’s ‘Lost‘ and ‘You’ll never find another like mine‘.


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Jacket- [Pumpkin]Postman jacket (gray)

Pants- –Entente– Au Fait Jeans

Shoes- –Entente– Avenir Kicks


Hair- [Atro Patena] – Jack_[8 Colour]


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Shirt- *chronokit* Shirts 04 Plain Pink<please open>

Pants- *chronokit* Fabre Pants 01 Beige PKG

Hair- [Atro Patena] – Jack_[8 Colour]

Sunglasses- –Entente– Bleirot Glasses



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I was wondering what Plurking was about and decided to  check it out.  It looks like something similar to Tweeting and found some really interesting people on there.  So if you are Plurking – add me!

Some of the interesting people I “ran into” was Onyx Leshelle owner of Maitreya and I discovered there is new mesh out!  If you like to have a look at her blog, please click here. Go have a look at her inworld store to find these goodies.

Hair: .ploom. Penny

Pants: Maitreya Stafani Pants*Cardinal

Top: *chronokit* Summer Cardigan Black

Shoes: N-Core – Etoile Black

Bracelets – Erratic / twisted Bracelets

Handbag: Maitreya Mesh leather Satchel

Halloween 1

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I have caught on to Halloween fever and came up with the following outfit. I really enjoyed looking around for something different. Last year I was all ‘scully’. So this year I decided on being just me – the witch! 🙂

Skin: Akeruka Nora Group Gift

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Carina

Hat, dress and Stockings:  ::Coca & Wolf :: Witch Wear

Shoes: *{SeVered GarDeN}* halloween GIFT

Pumpkin Bag: MIEL Pumpkin Raider – Group Gift 2011

Bat: ::LEO-NT:: Autumn Bat Plushie

Necklace: Concrete flowers  – Gourd necklace


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Shirt- FATEwear Shirt – Hei – Halloween

Pants- not so bad . mesh . JORIS jeans . faded

Shoes- 2Real-F-WINGS

I had a parcel for the past year on a sim that my friend owned and lost due to some difficulties. I had a hard time saying good-bye to my home. Made so many memories there. Luckily I do have my photos. 🙂 But it still feels like I left something behind; turned over a page, that I was not expecting to do for a while. That prompted me to go out looking for a new home and I have now found one and working on making a new start. I will post some photos of my home in a future blog. Parcel hunting inspired me to dress casually and I have decided on the below:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR –  Emily

Top: [Cynful] Emmy’s Top – white

Pants: RONSEM* Mesh Hot Pants

Earrings: ::Fusion:: Charm Earrings [Silver]

Necklace: (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Heartbreak Chain

Bracelets: (r)M ¬ Bangles w/Rings

Knee and elbow tattoo: .::DMD::. Band-aids and Wounds Tattoo

Body Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Vega :: MM12028

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Piercings: <- Puncture -> Various

I went to Gawk to find those torn stockings I have been seeing in so many blogs. And as normal I wondered through the whole store. There are so many nice stuff, but most of it is not mesh. I would be very excited to see the mesh if they do make some. Anyway, I saw this dress and really liked it. So for once I’m not wearing mesh. The shoes I had for a long time and I think it goes well with the dress.

Dress: Gawk! Black Polo Dress

Tights: Gawk! Nylon Tights

Shoes: *League* Shin boots

Socks: *League* Gartered Socks – Black

Tattoo: Letis :: Pumpkin Candy MM932

Piercings: <-Puncture -> Anti-Eybrow / Labret / Triple Bindi

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Carina

Earrings: ::GB:: Group Gift Achilleus Pierce Set

Earrings: .:*LOULOU&CO*:. Earrings – Polaris

Bracelets: Cobrahive  – Headband & sweatbands





For the boys!

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Here is one for the boys! Nic is very fond of bright colors, which makes Akeyo a great place to shop, not only for some of the best animations on the grid but also really good apparel. Be sure to also check out their new Animation Override that was released this week. That reminds me, I better go get it!

Cap: Layer Cap – 2Real (Customized)

Hoodie: Akeyo Hoodie Zombie

Jeans: -TartCake&YuMad- – Mens Wash Jeans (Stone Washed)

Shoes: :::insanya::: Dunkers Mid-Shoes – Silver Checkers  (Customized)