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All of us has experienced fear in some way. It has many forms. You can fear for your life, and take steps to protect yourself. Or you can have a silly fear like for a mouse. Then there is the more common fear: the fear to be rejected. The fear of losing someone who is really close to your heart.

In my opinion a big reason why that could be a fear is because you may not have control over it. To be fair this can also be a good feeling; it may be what you need to keep you grounded, real and appreciative of that person. ♥

Here I’m wearing my boyfriends shirt. ♥♥♥ Ever n Ever

Skin: LAQ – Martina – Peach

Hair: Truth – Clara

Shirt: =Zenith= – BoyFriend Shirt



3 Mesh Headaches

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To start with, I really do love mesh. I think it’s the best invention ever and I a meshoholic. I have only three issues with mesh:

1. Stores not creating their own unique templates. I get so annoyed when I go to 10 different stores with the same stuff in different colors. Some of my favorite stores that does unique stuff is ColdLodgic (like this romper), Gabriel and Erratic. There are a lot more, but those are some of my favorites. My blog, my favorites 😀

2. The fact that mesh really changes all avi’s to  have the same shape. We all change our shapes to fit into the 5 size available. Imagine mesh can actually fit your shape.. maybe in the future.

3. Sometimes mesh items fit me perfectly, but the alpha is too big. I find that really annoying. I can make my own, but given the price I pay for it, I would want it to fit.

Despite the above I’m still a meshoholic and proud of it! ♥ u mesh!!


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Because of a change in RL I am unable to spend as much time in SL as I used too. I have always known that SL is really an addiction, but what about it makes it so addictive? As I had a bored moment at work, I thought about it a little. It must be my friends – interaction with them is always fun. But there were times when I was alone, and still came back every day and still spend every spare minute on SL. Was it the fashion and shopping?

This could be a good reason as I have over 40k inventory items and never dresses in the same outfit twice. Unless I really have no time to decide on an outfit and I know what I look good in. I am constantly searching the fashion blogs for something new, something different. Trying to find a style that I really like and like to stick with. It didn’t take much thought, I am addicted to SL because of the way it makes me feel good and accepted. *Me looks at the watch.. still 8 hours to go before I can log on… shrugs*

Skin: LAQ – Martina – Peach

Hair: Magika – Cinta

Pants: YoPulgo – White Leggins with Cross

Shirt: Erratic – Amy – silk blouse – pink

Earrings: GB – Achilleus group gift

Earrings: Indryra Orginals – Indy&Co Maelle earrings

Nails: Izzie’s – Metallic

Necklace – LEO-NT – Pray for me

Rings: Dark mouse Statement ring

Shoes: N-Core – Caresse Noir Intense

Bracelet – Erratic Twisted Bracelets


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Renee Babii, a good friend is opening a new club, Club Escape! I’m really looking forward to see the club so full that the sim crashes. 🙂 She has a A.Benson quote on one of the walls, which caught my attention and speaks true: All the best stories are but one story in reality – the story of ESCAPE. It’s the only thing which interest us all the time, how to ESCAPE.

Keeping in the Escape and club theme I took some pics with Enrique in the background. 🙂

Skin: LAQ: Martina – Peach

Earrings: :Fusion: Charm Earrings

Nails: Izzie’s – Metallic nails

Necklace: Addict – Circle Necklace

Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring

Shorts: Insanya – Open Shorts / Group gift

Tattoo: Pekka – I’m not weird

Piercings: Puncture – dimples Piercings

Bangles: EY:NO Mess Bangles

Hair: Catwa – Mesh Bella Hairstyle

Top: Mon Tissu – Slouchy Sweatshirt – Black



Have you ever…

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Have you ever met that person that just catches your attention from the first minute?

I have.

From the first minute we met I knew I will always remember him, not necessarily in a romantic way – well.. not back then – but just by the impression he made on me. I was fortunate enough that we got to know each other for a while and in Second Life terms it was long. That all brought us to where we are today and it’s sweet, loving and easy-going. And we are still getting to know each other in different ways, which is really exciting and fun and sometimes a little weird as we try not freak each other out or move to fast. One thing I have learned is that you need to give each other the space to be the person they need to be and to let that person keep being the person you fell in love with.


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Every so often I get what I call a brainwave. I think of them as annoying inconveniences. I had one of those moments the other day when I realized I have to excercise more. Then the few days following this annoying thought I beat myself up for not making an attempt to start.

Right.. so I decide this is it! I’m starting now this minute – slowly! I lift my legs under the desk, clench my butt and suck in my tummy, then breathe… Yup I need to breathe a certain way, I think I learned in yoga I was breathing wrong my whole life! I need to move my stomach in and out and not puff up my chest. THEN I realized woman can’t multitask after all! I can’t clench my butt, lift my legs, suck in my stomach – and breathe! That is when I do the only sensible thing there is to do.. stuff chocolate in my mouth, log on to SL and go dance at Ambrosia.. time for a new brainwave.

Skin: LAQ – Martina – Peach

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Cady – Dark Browns

Nails: Izzie’s Metallic nails

Watch: MIEL Troupe Watch – bright

Necklace: Admiral Spicy – I love music Necklace

Ring: L&B Jewelry – Romance

Top: Cynful – Emmy’s Top – White

Pants: (S) Sweatpants  – Navy Blue

Feet: Slink Womans Natural Feet

No 1 Reason to love Facebook!

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I have created a Second Life facebook out of curiousity over a year ago, to keep in touch with my Second Life family. It was heaps of fun to see what was happening with them. Also it is a good way to see how you have evolved as a person in, in appearance  and on a emotional level. And when I look back at those times, I have really good memories. But then as everything goes, things changed and the family went into different directions and I stopped using my Second Life facebook.

A friend then asked me the other day if I do have one and if she could add me. Oh wow! a whole new world opened up to me! I started adding friends and non-friends and have a very long list of Second life facebook friends! Which I love, and really, really enjoy. It is the most interesting page ever. Sometimes I just spend time on facebook and totally forget to sign into Second life! When I go to club I regodnise some of the names and faces and I have some background on them. What they like, dislike and what kind of person he/she is. Adding a whole new dimension to meeting people. Or when you meet them, add them and look back on their history – too much fun!

It just goes to show that you really do have so much information at your finger tips to use positively or negatively. Makes it hard to make mistakes, it may follow you for along time. Overall I really enjoy my Second Life Facebook and it is way more interesting than my real life one.

Enjoy the Second Life Facebook readers and go make alot of really good memories!!

Skin: LAQ – Martina – Peach

Hair: LeLutka – Athena

Earrings: INdyra Orginals Maelle earrings

Nails: Izzie’s Metallic Nails

Necklace: Addict – Circle Necklace

Rings: L&B Attitude – Woman’s Spoiled Stacked ring

Rings: Dark Mouse Statement Ring

Shoes: N-Core – CHIC “Platine”

Dress: GB Mesh Casual Dress – Striped Blue

Does blondes have more fun?

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Sometime in every girls life, she needs to go blonde! I decided on a make over and went blonde and are very excited to see if blondes do have more fun.. LOL I’ll keep you posted!


Perfectly Unperfect

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Today marked a very stressful real life day and also one of my happiest second life days. I have just realized you don’t need to have physically met some of your most treasured friends to actually for him/her to be your most treasured friend. Friends really do come in all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of different lives. It’s how they make you feel that really counts. The way they accept you for who you are and the way they make you stronger and a better person. The way they are perfectly unperfect, to fit you who are really, really perfectly unperfect.

Skin: Glam Affair – Giselle MedTan

Hair: Shag

Bracelets: ..*LOULOU&CO*..- Bracelets – French Kiss

Earings: ..*LOULOU&CO*.. – Earings – Ploraris

Necklace: :Fusion:  – Cord necklace

Jeans: ..::Legal Insanity::.. – yafunky pants – Black

Shoes: Redgrave – Cathy

Top: ::EM:: Indian Rock Scull Top

Tattoo: {W&R} Little Miss Unperfect Tattoo

Back to School!

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Ambrosia Dance club held a event Back to School. Phil Kearny knows how to throw a massive party. It was more fun than I can ever describe. I’m dancing with my best friend Nic Duckie Mallard. ♥