Second Life and Friends

Posted: November 10, 2012 by Lola Ghost in Uncategorized

Second life can be filled with drama and heart ache, but it can also be the most wonderful place to ever be at. I see so many people saying that one person are the reason why they log on to Second life, and all I then think is… you have so much to learn and you deprive yourself. Second life to me is that special someone, yes, but also my friends. I have the most amazing group of friends and I will not trade them for anything. This pictures below are some of my closest friends, Welcome back to Second Life Bridgette! Love you heaps Nic and Jack and Danaa… get a a room 😉 Huggies Spicey 😀

  1. inSLomniac says:

    and to think..i found you in SL when you were just around the corner from me..!

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